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Discovering Resistors and Their Types



Resistors distinguish the current flow in the electrical circuit. Whenever there is a high circuit resistance, there is a small current flow. Low resistance indicates large current flow. The resistance, current and voltage are associated in electrical circuits by Ohm’s Law.

A resistor is being utilized for current regulation and it is resisting the flow of current including the extent in which they are doing it through ohms (O) measurement. It can also be found in most electronic circuits available and it is also very small to obtain numbers printed on it.

Current Sense Resistors

Resistors come in different kinds and all of them have unique properties that remain dependent on construction and manufacturer. As a result, there is a wide range of selection of these resistors. Each of them has different purpose or application. For over years, these types of resistors are available in great production of electronics. However, there were already big changes made.


Fixed and Variable Resistors
These are the first main categories in which there are many distinct resistor types that fit into whether these are variable or fixed resistors. One of them is the fixed resistors which are considered as the most common type of resistors. They are applied in the electronic circuits. This is done to set up good conditions in a circuit. The values of a fixed resistor can be determine on the design phase of the circuit. However, they must never be transformed for circuit adjustment.
Variable resistors are the resistors that have sliders and elements of fixed resistors. They are tapping into major elements of resistors. They are providing 3 connections to a component in which two of them are integrated to a fixed element and one distinguishes the slider.

DC Current Shunts

Another category of the types of resistors is the fixed resistor types in which there are various kinds of fixed resistor available. One is carbon composition which has been referring to the common type yet seldom used. Another type is carbon film in which forms when the ceramic former hydrobcarbon is cracked. There is also a metal oxide/metal film which is now widely used resistor form as the metal film is being deposited into the ceramic rod.

Wirewound and thin film are other types of fixed resistors. They have specific purposes. The last resistor category is leaded and non leaded resistors which have surface mount and leaded resistors.

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